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Buy the Solar-Powered Melody Key for $7M

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A self-sustaining oceanic paradise

Our island hunting continues with the lush and spectacular Melody Key, located off the coast of Summerland Key.

The 6.08-acre private island asking $6.9 million was formerly owned by rockstar Nick Hexum of 311 and was once thought to be headed to auction in 2014 before the current owner nixed that idea in favor of private negotiations.

There's a three-story main home with an elevator and sensational circular great room, displaying sweeping ocean views and cartoonish sunsets. It also rents for about $8,600 a week.

Melody is only about one mile from shore so one could technically swim to the aquatic wonderland, but the property includes a canal lot with a dock on Summerland Key. It's newly renovated and its biggest perk is its self-sufficiency, with "state of the astral power and de-salination plant," per the listing. Notice the solar panels on the roof.

Move over East Sister Rock!