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Study: Sea Levels Will Rise Between 11-52 Inches by 2100

Can we do something about it?

Sea levels are projected to rise between 11 and 52 inches by the end of the century, according to a recent study by international scientists via the AP, with seas growing "several times faster than they have in the past 2,800 years."

The range is vast because it's dependent on our actions and "how much heat-trapping gas Earth's industries and vehicles expel."

The challenge for cities already at risk like Miami Beach is not only coming up with a plan to curtail the flooding we see today after heavy rain but formulating a strategy that will help in the long-term, before we hit a point of no return.

We're seeing a $300-million project of pump systems and raising roads on Miami Beach today, something a geology expert considers "money down the drain" and a designer dubs "a tiny band-aid for the larger issue."

If you walk along the bay during high tide, you'll grow alarmed at just how close the water is to ground level. We're talking a matter of inches, maybe a foot or two max. You have to wonder whether property values, especially on South Beach, will start to plummet sooner than we anticipated as our seas continue to swell.

More now than ever we need brilliant and innovative minds to huddle up and formulate an effective plan to combat global warming.