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Miami Beach Unveiled Some Funky New Lifeguard Towers

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Vibrant and unique, like South Beach

Miami Beach revealed four colorful lifeguard towers this week designed by architect William Lane to pad the city's total to 35 stations, stretching from 87th street down to the southernmost tip at South Pointe.

The project began over 20 years ago, according to the Miami New Times:

"Hurricane Andrew had pretty much wiped out much of the towers," [Lane] said. "I was interested in creating some folly. I saw some opportunity to replace the stands and... make them more playful."

The new towers include impact windows and aluminum hardware. Lane designed five other towers soon after Andrew struck in 1992. Future lifeguard towers will be based on one of his designs.

Maybe the next tower will be in the design of a mojito.

Miami Beach Unveils William Lane-Designed Lifeguard Stands