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Report: U.S. Coast Guard Wisely Considering Locking Down Miami Beach Bridge

Should the bridge on 63rd street stay down during rush hour?

In what seems like a no-brainer, the U.S. Coast Guard is considering putting the 63rd Street bridge in Miami Beach on lockdown during rush hour in the mornings and afternoons, per the Miami Herald.

Today the bridge opens on demand for boats passing through Indian Creek, creating havoc for commuters traveling to and from work. Officials have proposed halting the raising of the bridge weekdays from 7:10 a.m. to 9:55 a.m.

But they would need public input before making the change.

Federal regulations require the Coast Guard to take public input before considering the changes. A public comment period is open until April 18 at Search for "Drawbridge Operation Regulation; Indian Creek, Miami Beach, FL" to find the proposal and leave input.

Make your voice heard, distressed Miami driver.