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Florida Cattle Ranch With 30K Units of Bull Semen Asks $55M

Southern Cattle Company Sale

A cattle ranch in a small town up on the Florida panhandle just listed for $55 million, per the Wall Street Journal. Near the town of Marianna, the 14,000-acre property features nine staff houses, a boat house, and a kicker: 30,000 units of frozen bull semen.

"The ranch specializes in breeding feed-efficient cattle," notes WSJ, "selling frozen embryos and semen as well as livestock, explained owner John Downs... There is also an embryological transfer facility and a sale barn on the property with an auction auditorium, a corporate office and event facilities."

Some other amenities include about 3,000 head of cattle, 90 horses, 2,680 frozen cattle embryos, and 50 units of horse semen. Downs is the owner of Qualico Steel and other steel companies.

Florida listings, y'all.

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