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Sunset Harbor Residences Put on Hold

More drama on South Beach

Deco Capital's proposed Sunset Harbor Residences in South Beach has been put on hold as opposition grows for the mixed-use development along Purdy Avenue, reports The Real Deal.

Yesterday the Miami Beach City Commission deferred vote to May 11 on raising height limits from 50 feet to 90 feet, which would pave way for the project at 1733-1769 Purdy Avenue.

Commissioner Ricky Arriola, who called for the deferment, said as a resident of Sunset Harbour he liked the project, but "there’s not a consensus yet, and lots of unhappy parties." The commission must approve sending the measure to the city’s planning board for consideration before it can eventually vote on it.

Fliers have ben posted across Miami Beach opposing the project, with the aforementioned "unhappy parties" including residents at the Lofts next door and two towing companies in the area.

The neighboring residents have a right to complain but I doubt anyone is losing sleep over the concerns by those lovely and honest South Beach tow companies...

Time for you to vote.