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Miami Comically Ranked Among the 'Worst Places to Live' in the USA

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The winterless wonderland of Miami was ranked among the worst places to live in the United States, according to a recent study by U.S. News and World Report, with the Magic City ranking an unfathomable 93rd out of the 100 most populous cities.

Behind Cleveland.

Behind Detroit.

Behind Daytona Beach.


Their methodology: Job Market Index (20%), Value Index (25%), Quality of Life Index (30%), Desirability Index (15%), Net Migration (10%).


I don't care what the methodology is. This study's findings in relation to Miami are blasphemous and the author should be charged with treason. If you asked every person alive who has lived in both Cleveland and Miami which city they prefer, every single one will say Miami and then laugh in your face -- except for LeBron James. But he doesn't count because he's on a power trip.

Computers can't comprehend what the Magic City has to offer. Just based off its nickname alone it should be in the Top 10. However, Miami is not ideal for those who enjoy the following: snow shoveling, dreary skies, winter, and chapstick.


Will, help us out.