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Beckham United Confirms $19M Overtown Purchase

MLS Miami continues to march forward

Miami Beckham United publicly confirmed the purchase of two private properties totaling six acres in Overtown (for $19 million) as an MLS Miami franchise inches closer to reality after the journey began in 2013.

Their statement, via the Guardian:

... "The acquisition of two private properties totalling approximately six acres at 650 Northwest 8th Street" in the Overtown neighbourhood. The statement added: "The acquisitions open the door to MBU’s purchase of adjacent land required for development, now controlled by Miami-Dade County, at fair market value."

"We have the right site, the right ownership group and a loyal base of fans counting down the days until our first match. We’re all in on Overtown, and we couldn’t be more excited about moving forward with plans to deliver the most responsible stadium in Miami history."

The remaining 2.8 acres of county-owned land has been valued at $9 million, reports the Miami Herald, as the group plans is to build a privately-funded 25,000-seat stadium.

The remaining hurdles include winning approval from the county for the purchase of the public land and winning zoning changes from the City of Miami.