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Icon Brickell Finally Emailed Its Owners Regarding the 14-Month Pool Deck Renovation

Extensive repairs are needed to Brickell's beloved pool deck

Owners at Icon Brickell haven't had the most pleasant 2016 regarding their luxury waterfront condo.

Several months after hearing the pool deck was having some major issues and was in need of significant repair, its Board of Directors finally sent out a letter a few days ago touching on the details, per Miami Luxury Homes.

They estimate the project will "last approximately 14 months" but that the anticipated length is "subject to change." Translation: Expect the pool to potentially be out of commission for a couple years. These types of repairs NEVER get completed on time.


The full nature of the repair: "The scope of work for the deck includes replacement of the waterproofing, installing new drainage, replacing the tiles, replacing the landscaping, replacing lighting, converting the reflection pool to a kids’ pool and the construction of stairs to the observation deck."

The letter also went on to explain the owners will get the tab, distributed in accordance with how its maintenance fees are calculated, based on square footage of the units.

Read the full letter here.

Icon Brickell

465 Brickell Ave., Miami, FL 33131