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Modern Beauty Coming Soon to Hibiscus Island for $7M

Elegantly designed by BBA

65 S Hibiscus
courtesy of BBA

There's a sleek modern home on the cusp of creation in the heart of Hibiscus Island that's listed at $6.995 million.

Berenblum Busch Architecture announced the latest addition to its residential portfolio, 65 South Hibiscus Drive, a glassy 7,100-square-foot, two-story home with renderings that tickle the senses. The home wraps around an open courtyard and features a 26-foot lobby/atrium lit by skylights and giant windows.

"Energy efficiency and high-end architecture go hand in hand," said Gustavo Berenblum, principal of BBA. "We adopted many passive sustainable strategies that have a huge positive and direct impact on the quality of living, creating a sense that one is in well balanced spaces in-tune with the surrounding environment."

The one knock? It's on the interior of the island and not on the water. But the home itself looks exquisite and with that rooftop terrace there still should be some fine bay views.

Construction begins in April.