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Miami-Dade Plans to Build 6 New Mass Transit Lines, Again

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Will the plan come to reality this time?

Though the timetable and funding sources are unclear, Miami-Dade commissioners announced a plan to build six new mass transit lines, reports the Miami Herald.

"To me, this is really a watershed moment in Miami-Dade County," said Miami-Dade County Commissioner Dennis Moss. "We are creating a vision for the community as far as transportation is concerned…speaking with one voice."

Moss’ comments came at a meeting of the Metropolitan Planning Organization, a transit-focused board made up of both county and city elected leaders. The MPO plays a critical role in obtaining federal dollars for local transit projects, and on Thursday MPO members unanimously approved pursuing the six transit lines, collectively known as the "SMART" plan for transit.

"Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit" will hopefully boost Miami's often-criticized public transportation "system," despite its 11th ranking nationally.

The map obtained by the Herald shows a visionary plan, which includes connecting areas like South Miami to Homestead, Downtown Miami to North Miami, and even -- gasp -- Downtown Miami to South Beach.

Hopefully the county's longtime unfulfilled promise for rail expansion comes to fruition because it's only been in the works since 2002.