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Congrats to Boca, the Laziest City in America

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Miami came in at No. 5

Here's a fun study by Realtor in an attempt to figure out the laziest cities across this beautiful country of ours. The methodology ranged from the number restaurants offering delivery to average hours of sleep to the number of day spas.

Boca Raton took the cake at No. 1, while Orlando (No. 2) and Miami (No. 5) also represented Florida in the Top 10.

The full criteria: Number of restaurants that offer delivery, the number of day spas and massage therapy centers, the percentage of homes on that have a hot tub, sauna, or steam room, average hours of sleep, average work hours per week, average cost of a cleaning service, the number of available service apps such as Handy (housecleaning), Instacart (grocery shopping), Washio (laundry), Luxe (parking the car), Wag! (dog walking), Postmates (takeout and grocery delivery), and TaskRabbit (running errands).