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Study Compares Life Expectancy by Miami Neighborhood

Key Biscayne ranked the highest in Miami-Dade County

A baby born in Overtown is expected to live 15 years less than one born in Key Biscayne, according to a new study by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University, which compared U.S. Census Bureau population data and Florida death records.

They created a Miami Life Expectancy Map to "examine the connections between public health and neighborhood conditions, from job opportunities and education to affordable housing, crime and access to nutritious food." The findings were broken down by zip code.

Some samplings are below, but head over to the Miami Herald for the full interactive map.

Life Expectancy for Children born in:

Key Biscayne: 87

Miami Beach: 85

Palmetto Bay: 78

Miami Gardens: 77

Overtown: 71