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The $300M Pelorus Superyacht is at Museum Park

One of the finest yachts in the world

The Pelorus superyacht has a thing for Miami.

After being spotted at the slip at Museum Park in Downtown Miami last October, the yacht sold to Dreamworks co-ounder David Geffen in 2011 for a colossal $300 million has returned for a spring break.

It's outfitted with not one but two helipads and a swimming pool.

The 377-foot vessel is among the 20 largest yachts on the planet and was formerly owned by billionaire Roman Abramovich, who parted with his aquatic beast in a (PRICY) divorce settlement in 2009.

The Pelorus Mega Yacht sitting pretty by the AAA

A photo posted by Jason Spiewak (@thejasonspiewak) on

Pelorus Super Yacht #lifegoals

A photo posted by Jason Spiewak (@thejasonspiewak) on

"Pelorus" docked up in downtown Miami, Fl #inspire1

A photo posted by Jason Spiewak (@thejasonspiewak) on

Museum Park

, Miami, FL 33132