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Jean Nouvel's 'Flood-Resilient' Monad Terrace Releases New Rendering

'The Reflection Machine'

Renowned architect Jean Nouvel appears poised to change the game for development in South Florida with Monad Terrace in Miami Beach offering a "flood-resilient" vision, as Curbed's Alexei Barrionuevo first reported in February.

Nouvel has dubbed his giant infinity pool a "reflection machine," designed to better absorb the fearsome effects of Climate Change and rising sea levels, via the Miami Herald.

In fact, the entire complex acts as a kind of giant infinity pool — Nouvel calls it a "reflection machine" — with its soft feathered edges, vanishing points, wavering lines of sight and other mirage-like effects. The architecture is seamless, porous, open and inviting to the waters of Biscayne Bay and the fleckless Miami sky.

The JDS Development Group and Kobi Karp project will be Nouvel's first in Miami, featuring 54 units on Monad Terrace and West Avenue, between 13th and 14th street. It will have an underground parking area, which has been likened to a concrete bathtub with a flood-proof lid.

Monad Terrace was approved by the Miami Beach Design Review Board last week with sales beginning in the fall.

Monad Terrace

Monad Terrace, Miami Beach, Florida 33139

Monad Terrace

1300 Monad Terrace, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA