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Study: Miami Among Hottest Destinations for Millennials

No. 4

Miami may be among the priciest places to live in the country, but that hasn't deterred America's youth from longing for the Magic City.

In a study by Realtor, Miami ranked fourth nationally in top destinations for millennials, behind, San Antonio, Jacksonville, and Tampa. Miami has the highest median home price ($349,500) -- by far -- of the 10 cities listed.

The methodology:

To find out where the up-and-coming generation is setting its sights, we sliced and diced our own cross-metro search data—people searching for homes outside the area where they live—by age group.

Meanwhile, Tampa is sizzling, not only coming in third for millennial destinations, but also ranking first among cities gaining the most residents.

With a median home price of $230,000 and excellent weather year round, it's not shocking.