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Midtown 6 Announced, Featuring 447 Luxury Apartments

Midtown is popping.

Midtown Miami continues to build with vigor as Midtown 6 has been revitalized as a luxury apartment project, per a press release by Magellan Development Group and Midtown Development, the same duo that developed Midtown 5, which topped off in April.

The 32-story mixed-use building will feature 447 units and retail on the ground floor, while the original plan called for 398 condo units.

It will be located just south of Midtown 5.

"We’re looking forward to another successful collaboration with Magellan Development and setting a new standard for luxury apartments in South Florida," said Alex Vadia, Principal of Midtown Development, the development affiliate of Midtown Opportunities.

Below is a shot of the topped-off Midtown 5.