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Airbnb Calls AHLA Report Factually Inaccurate, Misleading

"The latest example of the industry’s attempt to mislead and manipulate"

Airbnb has responded to the American Hotel & Lodging Association's study that found 62 percent of revenue came from operators listing multiple units for rent, calling it "factually inaccurate."

"This factually inaccurate study, which was paid for by the hotel industry, is the latest example of the industry’s attempt to mislead and manipulate to stifle competition," said Airbnb Spokesperson Christopher Nulty. "The AHLA is out of touch with the increasing number of consumers and cities embracing the tremendous benefits of home sharing. Vacation rentals have always been a driving force in Miami tourism and now home sharing is broadening that impact and bringing visitors’ dollars to new neighborhoods and small businesses.

"In Florida, Airbnb collects and remits hotel taxes at the state level and in 27 counties. We continue to have productive conversations with officials to make it possible to collect and remit hotel taxes in Miami-Dade County and expect to reach an agreement soon."

Nulty provided Curbed with some data that conflicts with the study, one of which being that full-time operators listing their space for more than 360 days did not generate 39 percent of revenue, as AHLA claims, because there were actually zero listings booked for more than 360 days, with just 1 percent of listings booked more than 300 days.

Last year, a typical Miami host made $6,400 sharing their space for 42 nights.

While the two sides wage war, all the average consumer really cares about is value and there's no question Airbnb's presence has tilted that in their favor.