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Tour Alex Rodriguez's Stunning Modern Palace in Coral Gables

Featured in Architectural Digest

Alex Rodriguez, the Miami-bred slugging superstar on pace for 35 home runs at the age of 40, had his sleek custom-built mansion in the Ponce-Davis area of Coral Gables featured in Architectural Digest.

It was built by the Rodriguez-owned Newport Property Construction with architects Ralph Choeff and Paul Fischman of Choeff Levy Fischman Architecture + Design, and interior design by Briggs Edward Solomon, A-Rod constructed a 11,000-square-foot midcentury modern home with relaxation and privacy at the forefront.

Rodriguez purchased the plot of land for 2.69 million in 2013 and created it with his daughters in mind.

"This house was the collaboration of a dream team," says Rodriguez. Reflecting on the design process, he notes, "The words I kept thinking were long term. I kept imagining my kids rushing home from college for the holidays." Given the results, who wouldn’t hurry back? Erected over the course of a year, the 11,000-square-foot retreat is a showstopper, with sleek forms and striking overhangs that riff on midcentury modernism, in particular the iconic villas found at Trousdale Estates in Beverly Hills. Unlike Rodriguez’s previous Florida home, the Coral Gables house is laid out on just one story so the interiors would connect directly to the grounds. Says Choeff, "Alex wanted to accentuate the indoor-outdoor feel."

Head over to AD for the full tour with all the juicy architectural details.