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Miami's Bayfront Park: Then and Now

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Coming up in 2025 Bayfront Park will turn 100.

It's amazing to look at how much the Downtown Miami park has evolved over the years and also absorb the explosive transformation along its neighbor street of Biscayne Boulevard over the last decade -- it's staggering, as you'll notice in the photo below.


The park underwent a major makeover in 1980 by Japanese-American artist and architect Isamu Noguchi.

The events held at the park have dramatically changed as well.

While Caesar LaMonaca's band would give musical performances from the late 20s through the 70s, today's top musical event is Ultra Music Festival, which attracts several hundred thousand young ravers -- many named Molly --- engulfed in neon.

the Super Bowl of electronic music -- only 39 days until #Ultra2016!

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It's not just craziness today, however. Walk through on a random non-Ultra afternoon and you'll find residents studying picnic style on the grass, kids frolicking in the playground, and yogis practicing in the pavilion.

Let's take a brief photographic stroll back through Bayfront Park's fascinating history.

President-elect Franklin Roosevelt assures the crowd he had received no injury after Joe Zingara attempted to assassinate him at Bayfront Park on February 15, 1933. Zingara's bullets missed Mr. Roosevelt but struck Mayor Anton Cermak of Chicago, which would end up taking his life.
AP Photo
Cuban refugees pray for the success of the Bay of Pigs invasion at a rally in downtown Bayfront Park in Miami, Fla., April 19, 1961.
AP Photo
A look at Bayfront Park and the city yacht marina on July 28, 1964. Towards the lower right, a railroad and roadway bridge is being constructed to the new seaport.
AP Photo
Crowds begin to fill Bayfront Park for Miami's 100th birthday party on Sunday, July 28, 1996.
AP Photo/ Lauren Crigler

And back to present day.