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Bernard Zyscovich's New Plan Z 2.0 for Rickenbacker Causeway is Visionary


Architect Bernard Zyscovich initially unveiled a plan to convert the Rickenbacker Causeway into a "scenic road through a park" a couple of summers ago, but it included dropping the number of driving lanes from three to two.

As the Miami New Times shows, Zyscovich's Plan Z 2.0 is far more bold (and expensive) but so incredibly intriguing:

New lanes would be constructed solely for bikes, and a striking entranceway meant to link up with the planned Underline park would be built.

The dedicated biking and jogging lanes would then continue on into Key Biscayne. An observation deck is called for at the William Powell Bridge.

While the renderings and concept make me want to become an avid cycler, the question would be over who's footing the bill.

Zyscovich presents the plan to the Key Biscayne Village Council later this month.

Rickenbacker Causeway

Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne, FL 33149, USA