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Report: David Beckham's MLS Miami Dream Hits Another 'Snag'

Hurdle after hurdle

If David Beckham's plan for an MLS franchise in Miami ever comes to fruition the stadium should forever be dubbed Snag Stadium, because they've hit another one.

Beckham "balked at some of the terms Miami-Dade wants in exchange for a county-owned parcel," reports the Miami Herald:

Already months behind schedule in assembling a nine-acre site in Overtown for a 25,000-seat Major League Soccer stadium, Beckham and his partners have yet to sign off on a string of hiring goals, employee benefits and local-business perks that Miami-Dade is demanding as part of the sale.

... Mayor Carlos Gimenez wants to waive competitive bidding for the nearly three acres of county land — currently used as a truck depot by the Water and Sewer Department — in exchange for Beckham’s group paying market value and agreeing to a package of "community benefits" aimed at boosting the local economy. The deal also includes per-job fines if the stadium doesn’t meet hiring targets and a $1 million penalty if the facility isn’t built.

Maybe this continues to be more signs from the Futbol Gods that this team is not meant to be.

Not only have there been a plethora of hurdles and pivots throughout the planning stages, but more obstacles will be in place if the stadium gets built -- concerns over parking and fan support among them.