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Megacenter Brickell Proposed, Includes Residential and Storage

Interesting combo

Megacenter is planning a 12-story mixed-use project with a vibrant facade on the western edge of Brickell, per The Next Miami.

Although the project is just below the UDRB review threshold of 200,000 square feet, it will still be reviewed by the board next week to permit parking on a second level above a ground floor with glass treatment.

It's located just west of I-95 on Southwest 7th Street, and is an interesting development because it would be primarily comprised of storage (74,790 square feet).

The plan calls for a little over 45,000 square feet of residential space—57 units--16,670 square feet of office space, over 9,000 square feet of retail, and 111 parking spots.

Reinaldo Borges of Borges + Associates Architects is the architect and this project would approximately be the 5,000th Brickell development for this cycle.