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Ransom Everglades Scoops $40M La Brisa, Coconut Grove’s Priciest Listing

Ransom is on the cusp of expansion

La Brisa, Coconut Grove’s priciest home for sale with an asking price of $39.5 million, will be purchased by neighbor Ransom Everglades, the school announced.

Their goal is "to improve educational spaces for students while respecting the tradition-rich land and extensive hammock."

The Real Deal reports the final number is "relatively close to asking price."

La Brisa originally listed for $65 million in 2014 before experiencing several price reductions. The purchase is possible "through generous donations," according to the school’s release.

Cashflow certainly isn’t an issue for the wealthy private school in the heart of Coconut Grove, with annual tuition of over $34,000, roughly three-quarters the way to costs at the University of Miami.

"We can’t pass up the opportunity to buy this beautiful property," said Ransom Everglades Head of School Penny Townsend. "The purchase will allow us to improve our facilities, add vital greenspace and continue our long tradition of respecting, protecting and learning from the treasures of Old Florida and Miami’s precious coastal ecosystems."

The school is expected to close on June 21 and will expand to nearly 17 acres after absorbing the 6.9-acre La Brisa, which you can tour here.