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Study: Sweetwater is Among the Fastest-Growing Cities in America

No. 9

You might have already known Sweetwater, located just north of Tamiami Park in West-West-West Miami, is the fastest-growing city in the state of Florida, but did you know it still sizzles on a national level as well?

According to Zippia, Sweetwater is the ninth fastest growing city in America.

  1. Zionsville, Indiana
  2. Kirkland, Washington
  3. Cibolo, Texas
  4. Norcross, Georgia
  5. Chamblee, Georgia
  6. Rogers, Minnesota
  7. Hutto, Texas
  8. Prosper, Texas
  9. Sweetwater, Florida
  10. Burien, Washington

The methodology used was simple. The study compared a city’s population in 2014 to its population in 2010, analyzing the growth rate in that time period.

In 2010, Sweetwater had a population of just 13,599. In 2014, however, it was 20,562. That’s a growth rate of 51 percent!

So who are these people rushing to live in "Little Managua"? Families, mostly. It’s an excellent community-oriented city, focused on school, religion, and family. I mean, it says it right there in the motto: "Family. God. Education." Pretty much sells itself.