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$159M Le Palais Royal Releases New Images: Star Wars-Themed Go-Kart Track

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For the billionaire who never wants to leave home

The Le Palais Royal, among the priciest homes for sale in the country at $159 million, will be completed this November while "offering several new enhancements fit for royalty," per the press release.

Located at 935 Hillsboro Mile in Hillsboro Beach, Joseph Leone has spent nearly a decade designing the colossal mansion modeled after the Palace of Versailles in Paris.

Among the most intriguing features outside the 500 feet of oceanfront and the $7 million worth of 22 carat gold leaf is its entertainment complex, which houses an ice-skating rink, a casino, nightclub, bowling alley, and what appears to be a Star Wars-themed go-kart track.


"Le Palais Royal represents nearly a decade of hard work," Leone said. "When we originally put it on the market, we were prepared to see what the response would be. I have toured many of the world’s top estates, and there is truly nothing quite like it anywhere in the world. It offers that rare combination of a palatial estate set on five acres on the oceanfront and all that South Florida has to offer. Many of the world’s great estates or chateaus are remote – far from major cities. They may have Old World charm, but they don’t offer modern conveniences. Le Palais Royal has the best of both worlds. Nothing in the world compares. It is, quite simply, impossible to recreate this masterpiece. It’s one of a kind."

Check out the images of the entertainment complex, 1,300-gallon saltwater aquarium wall, and the world's first IMAX home theater.