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Poll: 65 Percent of Miami Real Estate Professionals 'Concerned' About Climate Change

75% don't think we're in a bubble

The second year of a survey by the Miami Herald and Bendixen & Amandi International that anonymously polled 100 of Miami-Dade County's top real-estate professionals--from brokers to investors--brought some significant changes from a year ago.

The largest shifts were in property value, climate change, and foreign investment.

In 2015, more than half of survey participants said foreign buyers dominated the high-end market. This year, only 33 percent — fewer than one-third — said the same, with others favoring local buyers and out-of-towners, primarily from New York.

Meanwhile, the majority think Climate Change is starting to affect the market, though buyers aren't overly concerned just yet.

Its presence loomed larger this year, as 65 percent of survey respondents reported being concerned about the potential impact of climate change and rising sea levels on the real-estate market. According to the survey, buyers did not share the sentiment; only 22 percent mentioned it as an issue.

Asked if we're amidst another bubble, 75 percent said "no."

Other findings in the polling were devoted to the best brokerage, realtor, and most knowledgable professional in Miami real estate.

Best brokerage: EWM Realty International

Best Realtor: Coldwell Banker's Jill Hertzberg

Most knowledgeable: Jorge Pérez of the Related Group

Head over to the Herald for the full findings.