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Study: Florida Among Most Dangerous States in Nation


Florida--South Florida, especially--is indisputably among the most desired places to live in the nation, with its year-round beautiful weather and proximity to the water among its highest selling points.

Safety, however, is not a Florida perk if this recent WalletHub study is any indication, with the Sunshine State ranking 38th overall in safety and a bottom-dwelling 46th in 'Home and Community Safety.'

Florida fared well in 'Lowest Bullying-Incidents Rate' (No. 2) and weak in 'Highest Share of Population Lacking Health Insurance' (No. 49).

The five safest states (1-5): Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine.

The five lease safe states (47-51): Tennessee, New Mexico, Alaska, Oklahoma, and Mississippi.

The methodology can be found here.