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Ciclovia Returns to Miami Beach This Weekend

A full slate of activities in South Beach

Round 2 of Miami Beach Ciclovia (#MBCiclovia) will be held this Sunday (June 12), shutting down traffic along Washington Avenue from 5th Street to 16th Street, paving room for strolling, cycling, skateboarding, rollerblading (people still do this?), dog walking, and other activities.

The event runs from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Activities Include (via their Facebook event page):

- Yoga (From Green Monkey Miami Beach at 9 AM on 11 ST)

- Fitness Classes

- Bike Polo

- Zumba Class with #MBParks

- Street Performers

- Face Painters

- DJs

- Bike Valet

- Sound Off™ Speedplay w/ Frankie Ruiz at 8 AM and 9 AM

- Sound Off™ Silent Disco at 12 PM

- Rock Climbing

- Canine Demonstration with Miami Beach PD

- Kids Bike Rodeo

- Food Trucks and much more!

While the event will restrict some traffic on the perpetually busy Miami Beach, it's nowhere near as imposing as Critical Mass, which halts traffic in Miami's core during rush hour for a swarm of cyclists.