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Rendering Alert: South Beach's Potential Light Rail System

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via Connect Miami Beach

These renderings are by Connect Miami Beach, one of three teams bidding to build a light rail transportation system in South Beach, via The Next Miami.

"We understand Miami Beach’s distinctive qualities and unique needs, and we will leverage this knowledge to construct a streetcar that fits the community," reads one description on CMB's website. "The City of Miami Beach streetcar will be a characteristic and essential feature of the city’s urban identity. With a striking original design intended to extend and complement the City’s vision, the streetcar will help enrich and modernize the image of the city, giving another dimension to its personality."

"CAF offers fully wireless technology options—no aerial catenaries or underground cables are needed. The use of short, rigid overhead cables seamlessly integrated into the design of the station and supercapacitors on the vehicle enable optimization of performance and cost. CAF’s solutions provide flexibility in the design of the system, a selection of technologies, and an adaptability that is crucial to future expansion plans."

They're aesthetically pleasing, though one still has to wonder about the logistics with Miami Beach's perpetually congested, construction-laden roads.