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Miami Beach to negotiate Light Rail Deal with Alstom

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Full steam ahead

A week after a report of the City of Miami Beach opting to decide on a design first — three teams made bids — with its light rail system before negotiating a price, and the city has decided to negotiate with Alstom’s Greater Miami Tramlink Partners, per the Miami Herald.

The city’s statement is below:

Meanwhile, over the causeway is Miami-Dade Commissioner Xavier L. Suarez demanding prioritized funding for the city’s SMART rail which eventually would connect to Miami Beach’s light rail in addition to adding other lines to key areas.

However the SMART plan figures to take longer as Miami-Dade is seeking federal funding, whereas Miami Beach’s rail is going the state funding route to expedite the process.

The city is in the midst of an environmental study that would help it qualify for state funding for the project, but not federal money. Federal subsidies would require a longer study that commissioners have said would take too long.