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Florida is Among Least Likely States to Survive Zombie Apocalypse, Study Says


So here’s a rather unique study.

Estately crunched the numbers for which states were most and least likely to survive a zombie apocalypse because we have to prepare for anything in this nutty world, right?

For Floridians, it’s bad news — the Sunshine State was the 38th most likely state to survive.

For New Yorkers, it’s worse, coming in dead last at 50th. The state most likely to survive? Alaska, because of a low population and massive amounts of guns.

Their hilarious criteria:

  • "Fewest people per square mile - Because of their population density, urban areas are zombie breeding grounds, whereas rural areas are far safer.
  • Gun owners per capita
  • Percentage who are cremated instead of buried - A corpse can’t rise from the grave to join an army of the undead if it’s been cremated.
  • Percentage of population that is physically active - You can’t outrun a zombie horde if you’re stopping to catch your breath every 30 feet.
  • Interest in the zombie media genre - Those with an interest in all things zombie-related will have more knowledge of how to defeat zombies..."

Well done, Estately. You’re now the Dennis Rodman of real estate studies.