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270 Degrees of Waterfront Views Are Only the Beginning in This Miami Penthouse

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Relax by the water with the help from this listing

While the saying goes that the devil is in the details, that can’t be true when it comes to this Fisher Island mansion. It's the little things that make this listing so extravagant.

This penthouse offers a close location to the ocean as well as high-end finishes like carerra gold marble and gold fixtures. Even the custom window treatments are luxurious and made of silk. One of the biggest design highlights of this listing can be found in the ceilings. They vary from room to room, from coffered to ribbed to tray.

So, what’s the price of this mansion with its 270 degrees of waterfront views? $13,263,500 to be exact.

For more of the ins and outs of this residence, check out the gallery below.