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House Hunting for Hassan Whiteside, the Miami Heat's $98M man

Taking a look back at Whiteside's first big purchase and how it compared to our housing search.

Hassan Whiteside's home in Miami Beach
Hassan Whiteside's home in Miami Beach
One Sotheby's

Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside set himself up for life (pending he doesn’t go full-Iverson) after agreeing to terms on a four-year contract with the Miami Heat worth about $98 million during the summer of 2016.

Among his first major purchases was a modern waterfront home in Miami Beach costing the seven-footer $7.3 million. Shortly before that new property came off the market, we wondered what type of home he'd be interested in, which you can see in our house hunt down below.

What'd we get right? Well, we had a feeling Whiteside wanted to live in Miami Beach (check) but still remain close to downtown (check), where the Miami Heat play their games and practice. We also nailed the water view, but that wasn't too difficult considering what Miamian wouldn't want to live on the water after becoming $98 million richer?

The most difficult part of our fantasy housing search was we had no idea what his budget was. However, his $7 million purchase price did fall in line with our range of options.

Did Hassan make the right choice compared to our picks? Check out the four homes we had recommended.

Option 1: 4555 Pine Tree Drive, Miami Beach

Price: $34 million

Distance to AAA: 6.6 miles


via EWM Realty International

Option 2: 900 Biscayne #5901, Downtown Miami

Price: $3.199 million

Distance to AAA: 2 blocks


Option 3: 226 Palm Avenue, Miami Beach

Price: $4.849 million

Distance to AAA: 2.7 miles


6410 North Bay Road
One Sotheby’s

Option 4: 6410 North Bay Road, Miami Beach

Price: $10.95 million

Distance to AAA: 8.1 miles