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Report: Miami Beach to Select Rail Design Before Negotiating Price

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Estimated to run nearly $400 million

The City of Miami Beach is rightfully getting antsy in their efforts to bring an estimated $400-million rail connection to its island.

They will decide on a design first before negotiating a price, per the Miami Herald:

City commissioners on Wednesday will consider City Manager Jimmy Morales’ recommendation to negotiate an interim agreement with a consortium of companies led by French rail firm Alstom — the team that submitted an unsolicited proposal last year, prompting the city to start this expedited competitive process.

Three teams have bid for the public-private partnership project by submitting design proposals for a wireless modern streetcar that would run along Fifth Street, up Washington Avenue, across 17th Street or Dade Boulevard and back down south along Alton Road. Their main difference: how the trains are powered.

"In making my recommendation, I note that each of the teams is competent, qualified, and each has substantial experience in delivering infrastructure projects throughout the world," Morales wrote to the City Commission "This is important to note because since there has been no competition with respect to cost, the presence of three capable teams as part of this procurement gives us the ability to negotiate from a position of strength with the first-ranked firm."

The city projects the streetcar to cost about $387 million to construct and $16 million annually to operate.

The three teams making bids are listed below, with renderings for all but Alstom.

  • Alstom’s Greater Miami Tramlink Partners
  • Connect Miami Beach:
  • Miami Beach Mobility Partners:

Head over to the Herald for more details.