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Police warn One Miami residents to not throw eggs and wrenches off their balconies...

Good lord

Keep your head on a swivel when walking by One Miami’s two towers on the southern edge of Downtown Miami because apparently some residents have been tossing items off balconies in the form of eggs, tomatoes, and even wrenches, via WSVN:

Gwen Pepin said he was a witness to some of the attacks, and the ammo is not always eggs. "Eggs most of the time, but you have tomatoes, and you have a silver wrench," he said.

Pepin said he and his daughter were nearly hit while they were taking a walk on the streets of Downtown Miami. "Two, three times easy, during the week, we have that since one year," he said ...

"One egg fell here, just close like that," Pepin said as he described how an egg nearly hit his daughter. "Just close to the head of my daughter. I was very upset." ...

Michael Straks also said he has seen the objects fall from the building. "I have seen them fall in front of me as I’m walking," he said.

"I definitely think it’s intentional," said Marco Grossing. "Some guy got nailed with an egg on top of his head, actually. The police were called."

What kind of demented individual throws a wrench off a balcony?

Miami PD says no reports have been filed as of now but they did send a letter to nearby buildings warning of arrests if they find anyone "throwing anything out of their dwellings."

Apparently there was also a previous incident at the complex at 325 and 335 South Biscayne Boulevard of a rock "smashing through the rear window of a resident’s vehicle," per One Miami’s condo association.

Meanwhile, one of Miami’s finest restaurants is located on the ground floor in Il Gabiano, with the VERY expensive cars of its guests often lined up out front...

Miami, where common sense routinely gets upended by idiocy.

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