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Al Capone’s Miami Beach villa sells to sports agent

For around $9 million

The Miami Beach villa that housed Al Capone’s final breaths just sold to European soccer agent Mino Riaola, per the Miami Herald.

Riaola is bathing in cash after netting $32 million in a $143 million transfer by his esteemed client, Paul Pogba, who joined Manchester United earlier this month from Juventus.

The sale of the Palm Island crib is reportedly for north of $9 million, with the villa last changing hands in 2014 for $8 million. Capone bought the place in 1928. It has seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms with accessory buildings including a two-story pool house and two-story guest house.

Be sure to check out the picture gallery, deep dive, and video tour (below) of the infamous mobster’s former digs.

Al Capone's House

93 Palm Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida