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Ken Griffin’s new Palm Beach manse will have disappearing walls

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The home will also be longer than a football field

Billionaire Ken Griffin, who owns two Faena House units asking a combined $73 million, has revealed some ambitious plans with his latest residential project in Palm Beach.

Recently approved on 11.5 acres on Billionaire's Row, his new home will not only be longer than a football field (464 feet) and feature 875 feet of ocean frontage but its windows and doors out back will have the capability of "disappearing," per the Palm Beach Daily News:

Stretching along the ocean, the house will be just one or two rooms deep with dozens of floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors on both sides. In several rooms, the doors and windows have been designed to lower electronically into the basement, instantly creating open-air spaces ...

Atelier Ugo Sap is the architect who designed this dreamy house, which is considered "low profile" because it takes up less than 8 percent of the property when code allows for 25 percent. How modest.

With plans for plenty of vegetation and landscaping, the estate will be modeled after "an unspoiled Tahitian landscape."