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The 10 most expensive South Florida homes sold this year went for $77M under ask

The priciest went for just under $44 million

This summer’s housing season is on the cusp of closure and we thought it’d be enlightening to take a look at the most expensive homes sold in South Florida thus far in 2016 and how those final numbers differed from the asking prices.

According to OpenHouse, the top ten homes sold in the Miami area each hauled in $20 million or higher (if we’re rounding), but the gap between asking prices and sales prices was enormous, with the ten homes combing for $77 million under ask for an average of $7.7 million per home.

The top five is listed below.

$43,700,000 - 1695 Ocean Way N, Palm Beach, FL 3348 ($11M under ask)

$39,000,000 - 89 Middle Road, Palm Beach, FL 33480 ($20M under)

$34,600,000 - 3551 Main Hwy, Miami, FL 33133 ($4M under)

$34,000,000 - 921 Ocean Boulevard S, Delray Beach, FL 33483 ($5M under)

$28,200,000 - 1400 Ocean Boulevard S, Manalapan, FL 33462 ($10M under)

Check out the rest of the top 20 here.