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Rick Ross Announces New Concert: ‘They Shutting Down Port of Miami’

“On a f***ing container”

This appears to be a first.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Miami-based rapper Rick Ross has announced "the biggest concert" of his life will be held at the Port of Miami on August 29. Yes, as in the land of shipping containers and cruise ships.

"I wanted to do it as big as possible. They shutting down Port of Miami and setting the f***ing containers in the way where I could stand on them and the world can see me. Did we pull it off? Of course we did. I'll be performing at the Port of Miami.

The event is called Tidal X: Port of Miami 10th Anniversary and will be streamed on Tidal. Ross’ debut album back in 2006 was titled "Port of Miami."

Not only will it be at the port located just east of Downtown Miami but Ross says he will be performing "on a f***ing container," one he hopes is filled with cocaine — I’m sure the city will comply.

... On a f***ing container, man. I hope it's one of the containers filled with cocaaaaine. I hope it's fu**in' filled with 20 fu**in' thousand kilos of cocaine and they just sat it there. And we're gonna rock that motherfucker, man, like I never have. You're going to be able to see the water in the background. ... This'll be the biggest concert of my life."

Ross says his trial for an alleged kidnapping and assault that occurred last year will begin in the next few months. He’s claiming self defense.

Port of Miami

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