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Miami Dolphins Coach Adam Gase Buys Modest Home in Fort Lauderdale

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The new head coach is close to Las Olas

Adam Gase, rookie head coach of the Miami Dolphins, threw down $750,000 for a new home in the Rio Vista neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale, reports Gossip Extra.

Gase, his wife Jennifer and their three young kids moved in last month, according to a real estate source.

Signed by the Fins to a five-year contract after working as the Chicago Bears’ offensive coordinator, Gase shopped for a three-bedroom home near the restaurants of downtown Fort Lauderdale.

He wanted something with character: The house was built in 1935, but was renovated several times since.

The location makes sense, being about 20 minutes east of the Miami Dolphins’ training facility in Davie. What’s a bit surprising is the size. At 1,556 square feet, the family of five could have aimed a bit bigger.

Though Gase’s contact figures haven’t been released, the median salary for an NFL head coach is about $5 million a season. Then again, his predecessors in Miami haven’t lasted very long.

The purchase comes a few months after starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill paid 4.3 million for a new home in Colee Hammock.