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Inside the new Kurz Real Estate office in Coconut Grove

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Tour the home of the new real estate startup

David Kurz, former director of luxury sales at Douglas Elliman, has opened up a new brokerage with a unique vision in a modern, 3,000-square-foot space in Coconut Grove on the corner of Grand Avenue and Douglas Road.

Kurz, a former marine who calls Miami’s real estate scene "dilapidated and tired," designed the Kurz Real Estate office himself. What initially stands out is how open the space is. Cubicles are nowhere in sight and one of the walls resembling a chalkboard is soaked in motivational messages.

In addition to allowing anyone to join his firm (with initial sales goals and requirements), Kurz is a non-competing broker so that he can act more as a mentor to his agents.

"Experience is great, but really, someone’s drive and attitude is what makes him or her capable of accomplishing anything," says Kurz. "Rather than enduring a training program through a large corporation, we’re seeking young professionals and new agents that crave success and are giving them the opportunity to skip that stage in the real estate landscape. This will, in turn, move our company forward and progress the age old industry that Miami’s real estate market is currently stuck in."