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Naked Donald Trump statue continues to taint Wynwood

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Days before Donald Trump visits Miami

Miami residents have a much greater concern than Zika.

Enter the nude and nightmare-inducing Donald Trump statue that’s been spotted across several major cities. It’s been replicated in Miami a mere days ahead of a hopefully fully-clothed Trump at a rally at the James L. Knight Center in Downtown Miami.

Originally perched atop a Wynwood billboard at 318 Northwest 23rd Street, the eye-stinging statue was removed last night after police pleaded with developer Moishe Mana, who orchestrated the statue’s presence.

On my way into work today and this is what I see on the back of my office building. #trumpstatue

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Their reasoning, per the Miami New Times, was to "avoid backups and accidents caused by onlookers driving on I-95."

Mana complied.

Trumpy Dumpy took a great fall…

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It was probably for the best, considering how putrid the average Miami driver is. But on Thursday, the naked Trump statue showed its resilience, spotted along Second Avenue.

I know it feels like its 100 degrees outside but perhaps there was a chilly breeze in the air?

Do we need some #Trump shirts? @wynwoodoriginal #wynwood #trumpmiami #trumpwynwood #miami

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