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Exploring what’s for sale on tiny Star Island

Micro Week, Miami style

Micro Week can be a bit more challenging for us down in Miami because, for the most part, Miamians don’t do small unless we’re talking about 200 to 300-square-foot studios like the ones we featured yesterday.


Today’s Micro Week offering revolves around tiny neighborhoods. Enter Miami Beach’s Star Island, tiny in size, fat in the wallet, and home to some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

With an estimated population of under 100 residents, let’s take a tour of what’s available in one of Miami’s most exclusive neighborhoods.

28 Star Island

Facing east, this 40,000 square feet lot is offered at a whopping $17.95 million. Besides the 100 feet of water frontage, it’s the "only known lot in Miami Beach that has grandfathered a natural bay water grotto," per the listing.

1 Star Island

Next we have "Nina’s Villa," previously listed at $40 million and now asking $37 million. Its owners? Gloria and Emilio Estefan.

The 7,988-square-foot home faces southwest and boasts 240 feet of bay frontage. It’s been on the market since February 2015.

45 Star Island

Lastly is this "more affordable" home asking $16.996 million and owned by Roy and Lea Black, a couple you might’ve seen on Real Housewives of Miami... I kind of miss that trainwreck of a show which consisted of an hour of shrieking. The listing’s description is appropriately in ALL CAPS.

It features 190 feet of water frontage and 10,598 square feet of living area that includes a seven-bedroom main house and three-bedroom guest cottage.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s Micro Week content, where we’ll check out the five tiniest private islands for sale in Florida.