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Miami’s sunset yesterday was an all-timer

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Miami is known for its perpetually warm weather, a jillion beaches, crazy people, and now, Zika, but one wildly underrated feature that cements the Magic City as one of the most beautiful places in the world is its sunsets.

They’re the type of sunsets where you actually put your damn phone down (after taking a picture and pushing it on five different social media accounts in addition to texting friends and family, especially those who insist NYC is the greatest city in the world) and sit there speechless, basking in the dynamic mix of glowing color exploding from behind the Miami skyline.

Yesterday’s variety was an all-time great, as evidenced by Instagram.


#newapartment #newview #nofilter #miamibeach #southbeach

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Beautiful sunset over the brewery today! #MiamiSunset #MIAbeerco #LastSummerDays #DoralSunset #DramaticSky

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Enjoy every sunset and look forward to every sunrise #miamisunset #lovephotography #godscreations #sunset #love #godisgood #smile

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At the South of the Beach 33139

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