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Someone stole the nude Trump statue in Wynwood because Miami

C’mon Pedro!

That naked and disgusting statue of Donald Trump valued at $50,000 (!) was stolen from the Harold Golen Gallery in Wynwood last night, reports CBS Miami.

Miami Police say they are looking for Coral Gables resident Pedro Alejandro Rodriguez, 36, in the grand theft case. They say a 2013 gray Ford F-150 truck with the Florida tag number CMW-M58 was used in the incident. That car is registered to Rodriguez.

A witness said he saw three guys climb up onto the roof, grab the statue and throw it into the truck...

"I seen the guys looking up," said Angel Pino. "He was already by Donald Trump and pulled it and ran. I ran after him and said ‘stop, stop, stop’ and he jumped in the truck and left. But before he left, I took a picture and it is perfect."

Perhaps Pedro was hired by Trump's people?

The statue surfaced last week, courtesy of developer Moishe Mana, who released a statement that initially reads like an SNL script, due to the statue’s bizarre name.

The sculpture "The Emperor Has No Balls" by the artist collective INDECLINE was stolen from the property of Mana Wynwood on Thursday, September 22 before dawn. The owners of Mana Wynwood have filed a police report and shared security footage from the scene.

The theft of the sculpture will not undermine our determination to stand strong for what it represents and what we want to communicate: a profound statement against any forms of bigotry, racism, and discrimination during this presidential election campaign."

If you see a naked and horrifying Trump in the back of a truck, please call the Miami police.