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Sunset Place redevelopment plans include hotel, residences

South Miami’s Sunset Place is planning a transformation

Nearly a year after Federal Realty, Grass River Property, and the Comras Company purchased Sunset Place for $110 million and plans have surfaced regarding the 17-year-old development’s future.

According to Community Newspapers, the vision is to re-design the South Miami retail space into "a walkable urban center" that will include two residential buildings encompassing 414 units and a 182-room hotel.

Ownership enlisted Miami-based Zyscovich Architects to optimize the center’s function as a vitally important piece of the South Miami business district.

"We’ve been engaging our local community for the better part of a year and there is a shared sense that Sunset Place’s physical design and retail mix are out of step with the surrounding demographics," says George Spillis, Principal with Miami-based Grass River Property. "Our team of developers, urbanists, architects and engineers has deep experience giving flawed centers second lives as thriving retail, residential and entertainment destinations – and that’s exactly what we plan to do at Sunset Place."

It’s a good idea because not only is the center feeling rather stale, but for the development to thrive it needs an influx of people living close by who can walk to its shops and restaurants.

The Shops at Sunset Place

5701 Sunset Dr, South Miami, FL 33143 (305) 663-0482 Visit Website