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Miami-area condo sues Pokemon Go creators for “zombie” crowds

Will the zombies be stopped?

Move over bath salts, there’s a new drug in Miami creating zombie-like effects.

Pokémon Go creators are being sued by a South Florida condo association for creating "out of control crowds" acting "like zombies" at the Hollywood condo Villas of Positano, per

A South Florida condominium association has sued the companies behind Pokémon Go, claiming that crowds of people playing the "augmented reality" game at night have forced the property owners to hire off-duty police officers to handle security.

The owners’ association of The Villas of Positano, a 62-unit oceanfront condominium complex in Hollywood, Florida, claims that the property’s designation as a Pokéstop within the game has led to "out of control crowds" behaving "like zombies, walking around bumping into things" on site.

The madness.

The complaint, filed Friday in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, is part of a wave of litigation by lawyers at Pomerantz against San Francisco-based developer Niantic and two of the game’s financial backers.

The 19-page complaint mentioned players were not only "leaving garbage in their wake" while perusing the site for hours during the night and early morning, but were also using "the Villas’ landscaping as a toilet."

Bad Pokémoners.

The developer of the condo has made multiple requests to Niantic to have the property removed as a Pokéstop but hasn’t had any luck.

The suit, which names Niantic, The Pokémon Co. and Nintendo Co. Ltd., brings nuisance claims and seeks damages for unjust enrichment. According to the complaint, The Pokémon Co., and Nintendo Co. hold a financial stake in the game. The suit claims that all the defendants have profited from creating "a more immersive gaming experience" by encouraging players to venture onto private property.