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Jean Nouvel’s Monad Terrace expected to break ground shortly in Miami Beach

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Check out new renderings of the residences, laced in honeycomb glass

The Miami skyline beyond a gorgeous corner waterfront residence at Monad Terrace
Rendering of a residence at Monad Terrace in Miami Beach
Renderings by MARCHmade, courtesy JDS Development Group

Monad Terrace is planning to break ground by the end of January, Curbed has learned, with the highly anticipated Jean Nouvel development also opening its sales gallery to the public on a similar timeframe.

Located off Monad Terrace and West Avenue in Miami Beach, directly south of the Waverly (14th Street), the luxury waterfront development is unique in that it was designed with Climate Change and rising sea levels at the forefront, as we learned in the announcement last February.

Its “Reflection Machine,” a giant lagoon of sorts at the heart of the complex, is designed to invite the rising waters of Biscayne Bay and is capable of withstanding the heavy flooding that typically devours waterfront developments on West Avenue. The project will be comprised of 59 residences, ranging from two to five bedrooms and starting at $1.7 million.

Developed by JDS Development Group with Kobi Karp as the architect, the construction site is prepped and ready for the one-of-a-kind project to ascend.

Update (2/21): A spokesperson says they’ve been experiencing delays with delivery of the steel for pilings and will break ground upon receipt.

A panoramic aerial view of the Monad Terrace site
Josh Baumgard/Curbed

New renderings have also been released, showcasing a signature feature of the Nouvel-designed residences: honeycomb glass, which makes up the sawtooth façade while protecting privacy in addition to providing shade from glare and heat (the view changes depending on your angle).

The sawtooth honeycomb facade
Honeycomb glass
A residence’s kitchen
A residence’s bathroom
A residence’s terrace

A lagoon at the heart of miami beach development
The “Reflection Machine”
Courtesy of JDS Development

Monad Terrace

Monad Terrace, Miami Beach, Florida 33139