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Miami’s rental market is down slightly year over year

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No. 9 in the country


Miami’s rental market hasn’t changed much within the last year in terms of pricing, with median one-bedroom apartments at $1,800 a month and median two-bedroom apartments going for $2,450 a month, according to the latest report from Zumper.

One-bedroom units didn’t budge at all year over year as Miami remained in the No. 9 spot nationally. Two-bedroom units dipped by $50. The trend was evident from Zumper’s neighborhood-by-neighborhood report from August, showing several dips across popular areas like Downtown, Edgewater, and South Beach.

It’s been a similar story in Fort Lauderdale, which did rise one spot to No. 12 compared to this time last year. One-bedrooms are going for $1,550 per month while two-bedrooms are going for $1,970 per month.

The top three rental markets in the country are San Francisco, New York, and San Jose, respectively priced at $3,480, $2,800, and $2,390 for median one-bedroom apartments. The Top 25 is below.